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  • Sleepers May Be The Answer!

    If you can only wear gold in your ears, then this is the blog for you!
  • New Stock Preview

    NEW stud earrings are available!!
  • New Designs Arriving March

    New Designs are underway!! These two beauties should be arriving in the coming weeks....Take a look now..


  • The Latest Creation - Splendid Fairy Wren

    The only problem now is that I want to buy 100's of boards!
  • Silver Wren - The Final Stages

    As you may have seen from last week's post, I have been working on a handmade range of work that has been inspired by my love of birds and a ra...
  • Silver Wren Sneak Peek!

    Get A Sneak Peek at the Fairy Wrens Now!
  • The Manufacturing Process

    The truth is that some people cannot afford a handmade item - especially in a time of world economic uncertainty.
  • For The Love Of Birds

    For The Love Of Birds Launching Wednesday 24th of November at 12pm AEDT is my new collection For The Love Of Birds! 7  brand new designs based on...
  • Fairy Wren Pin

    So I have started carving the Fairy Wren Pin which will be cast in sterling silver in the coming weeks. I will have to send this off for a mold to ...
  • New Pin Designs Sneak Peek!

    My Biggest Launch Yet!   This Wednesday will see my biggest launch yet with all of my new products landing at one time! The arrival of my Bird On A...
  • Pin Design #6 is Here!

    #6 Pin Design is here! Just as we anticipate the arrival of the real deal!
  • #5 is Alive!

    You'll be laughing when you see the latest design release..... Or will you? #5 Pin design is alive!