Design Sneak Peek 1

Design Sneak Peek 1

Welcome, dear readers!

It's an exciting time as we embark on a journey of unveiling the designs you passionately voted on just a few weeks ago. Your enthusiasm and engagement have been truly inspiring. Although we're not starting with the top-voted Australian animals, we're kicking off with one of the most beloved choices.

As I delved into creating this new collection, I initially assumed that the Koala and Kangaroo would be the front-runners. To my surprise, they turned out to be the least popular picks in our recent survey. Curious, isn't it?

In my creative process, I intentionally chose to spotlight some of the lesser-known Australian animals—those often overlooked in tourist shops. My goal was to create pieces that not only exude the essence of Australia but also raise awareness about the more vulnerable and endangered species in our country.

Our first design release focuses on a native animal that symbolizes an entire state—the Tassie Devil. Found exclusively in Tasmania, these carnivorous beings are the only state where they still roam free. However, the recent challenges, including the spread of a devastating cancer, have put this unique population at risk.

The Tassie Devil has garnered attention in recent times due to the alarming spread of cancer across the island. While this issue is not caused by human activities, the impact of our population on the devil's habitat and the rise in roadkills have significantly contributed to their population decline.

Personally, I am deeply fond of these little carnivorous beasts of the south. The upcoming design release is more than just a visual treat; it's a testament to our commitment to raising awareness and supporting the conservation of this precious species.

Get ready for an exciting journey as we unveil this unique collection, starting with the Tassie Devil. Each design is a tribute to the rich biodiversity of Australia and a call to action for the conservation of our unique and endangered wildlife. Stay tuned for the release in the coming weeks, and let's celebrate the beauty of our native animals together!

Tasmanian Devil