New Collection Sneak Peeks!

New Collection Sneak Peeks!



While we were away in the USA, I designed my new collection of native Australian Animals. Earrings and Lapel Pins of some of our most iconic birds, mammals and reptiles!

An additional 8 new designs will be released this week and I wanted to give you the chance to spy the designs before they are photographed and released on the site.

My manufacturer sent photos of the finished products, but when you see them in person, you will fall in love! Overhead fluro lighting is not good for anyone! Even photographing designs!


Green Tree Frog Earrings

The Green Tree Frog has been one of my most popular lapel pins, and designing an earring proved to be a little bit of a challenge. I wanted something that was going to sit nicely against the neck, but finding the right image to work from was not an easy task. Then BAM! - there it was. Why not have a design that looked like it was holding onto the neck. And well, the rest is history as they say!

Wombat Lapel Pin

Wombats are such fascinating animals. Solid little beasties with such great personalities. I went to Western Plains Zoo with my sister many years ago. The wombat in the enclosure was super friendly to us, interacting with us and very curious. It was one of those unique experiences you have that stays with you. We sat with that wombat for almost an hour as it ran around the enclosure and came up to us. Amazing!
Wombat Earrings
You can't just have a lapel pin when it comes to wombats! You also need earrings!!
The concept behind this design is how a wombat is carried. Under the front legs. So my design has the loop under the arms, as though the wombat is being carried by the earring.
Green Sea Turtle Lapel Pin
Finding Nemo has a lot to answer for. All I can think about these days, when I think about Green Sea Turtles is an explanation on how to ride the jet stream, buy a cute little hatchling!
You can't think about anything else can you? 
They are such amazing animals.
Green Sea Turtle Earrings
For the earring design, I was conscious of creating a design that wouldn't feel too bulky, but would represent the animal to the full effect. The design has an action pose of turning, swimming around your neck as it dangles from your ear.
Brush Tail Possum Earrings
We have some amazing possums in Australia. 27 species of possums that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and abilities. It was a difficult decision in picking one for my earring design, but I do have a soft spot for the Common Brushtail Possum. I think it's the fluffy tail!
I mean, how can you really resist!
Sugar Glider Lapel Pin
For the lapel pin design, I decided to go for a different species of possum. One of the cutest little possums there is! The Sugar Glider. I love these little fellas. They are the most common of the gliders and most wide spread, living in tall wet forests, woodlands and open forests throughout Australia.
Pelican Lapel Pin
Last, but by all means not least, we have the Australian Pelican. We all know and love them, with their large stature, striking colours and majestic flight. They are an icon of Australian coastal waters, but also inland Australia. Most "fringe dwellers" of Australia don't realize that one of the Australian Pelicans largest breeding colonies is actually inland Australia (when conditions are right)!
So which one is your favorite?
I will be doing a couple of bundles for this release. You can select a number of pins in one or a number of earrings in another to get a collection of items before Christmas.
I have only got a limited number of each design, so stay tuned for their arrival and get them before they are gone!