Sneak Peek - 2 New Pins Launching Friday

Sneak Peek - 2 New Pins Launching Friday

This coming Friday, I will be releasing two new designs of Lapel Pins on the website!

These are two very special pins. Why?

Well, since moving to Bendigo and starting the journey in designing jewellery around Australian animals, I have met a number of people who have introduced me to the indigenous stories and totems of the area.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading more about Aboriginal culture and their connection to land, and I feel privileged to live in such beautiful country. My creations are inspired by my love of animals and my upbringing. My father was a vet and we lived in the country, surrounded by native animals that were being treated for all sorts of things.

Hearing these stories and learning more about culture and connection to land has given me a sense of respect, yet belonging. All you need to do is ask Branden about my saving of animals - whether it's stopping an echidna from crossing the highway, rescuing an injured bird or saving a huntsman spider from certain death - I'm always the one who will jump to the aid of an animal! And this is what having a totem means. You protect not only the animal, but the habitat and environment.

I may not have a totem, but my sense of protection around animals and environment is just as strong, albeit for all animals!

So, without further waffle, here are the two new designs being released this Friday (14th October) at 9am!

 Crow Lapel Pin

Crow Lapel Pin (Waa Lapel Pin)

Wedged Tailed Eagle Lapel Pin

Wedged Tail Eagle (Bunjil Lapel Pin)