Sleepers May Be The Answer!

Sleepers May Be The Answer!


Some people have super sensitive ears and although they love my designs - which come with stainless steel hooks - they worry about anything other than gold for their ears, just in case they have a reaction!!

So I have solution for you if you are one of these people, or if you would like to be able to change or mix up the designs so that you can wear odd earrings! Even if you don't have sensitive ears, but just prefer to ensure a secure connection, my suggestion is to use sleepers instead of the traditional hooks.

Changing these over to be able to put them onto sleepers from the hooks they come with is easy peezy! So I thought I would do a little blog on how you can easily do this at home with a simple pair of pliers!

Trust me - this is just sooooo easy!


 STEP 1:

Grab yourself a pair of pliers. If you want to use the stainless steel hooks again and not damage the jump ring that holds them in place, you might want to use pliers that don't have teeth - otherwise, a little bot of tape around the teeth of the pliers will help protect the metal.




Step 2:

Place the pliers on one side of the jump ring so you are right near the opening.



Step 3:

Pull or push the pliers toward or away from you so that the jump ring opens up with a side-way twist. The idea is not to open the jump ring too far. It just needs to open enough that the earring can be removed.




Step 4:

Once you have removed the earring component, you are free to feed through your sleeper!



It's just that simple!!


Now it's time I had a manicure! Geez!!!