Silver Wren Sneak Peek!

They're Almost Ready! 

I have been working on a range of handmade items and one such item is a limited edition run of my most popular pin! The Superb Fairy Wren!
I am so close to having these finished and ready for uploading onto the website. 
There will be a small run of 5 numbered pins available, crafted in sterling silver, as a part of my Collector's Edition range. 
If you love the Fairy Wren as much as I do, then you will want to keep your eyes out for these beauties and nab one as soon as they become available. 
In the mean time, take a sneak peek at the creative process. I have uploaded a video of crafting the pins and soldering them onto the wrens. This process has taken roughly 4 hours to do as each pin needs to be made by hand and soldered onto the wren. I will then need to do the finishing to each wren which I will show in an up-coming video. 

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