Recycle Your Old Jewellery

Recycle Your Old Jewellery

Over the years I have had many people who have old pieces of jewellery or inherited items that do not suit their style, wondering what they can do with them. The value may be in them from a sentimental perspective, but because styles change, the aesthetic is not there for them to want to wear what they have. I have also had many divorce rings where they want the gold and the diamonds but need to get rid of the negative energy associated with the rings. 

In many cases I have been able to take what is no longer needed or desired and make it into something new. Sometimes this may need a small addition of material, sometimes it may need a complete remake where the gems are the only elements that are worth using, but the new items are holding onto as much or as little of the sentiment the client wants. 

Take the image above for instance. The top left hand ring was a collection of rings with many sapphires and diamonds that the client wore all at one. Some where her mother's and some were her own. For her 50th wedding anniversary, she had them made up into a new ring so that the gems would all sit together in a cluster, rather than having separate rings rolling around her finger. 

The ring to top right was a silver band within a gold band. The gold band was bought from Cash Converters and a series of gems were gifted to the client. The diamonds I bought in. The layering effect allowed maximum number of gems while still looking less cluttered. 

The bottom ring was a remake of a wedding, engagement and eternity ring for a client who had been divorced. All of the older materials and some of the settings were used to create this ring, in addition to 18ct yellow gold tube to accommodate the smaller diamonds. These tubes were then designed to hold the larger central diamond. This allowed maximum light to show through the previously crowded diamond. It was originally buried in its setting and the amount of light and sparkle now coming through the diamond was extraordinary! 


Not everything can always be remade however. A lot of people have a chain or two that has broken and they are looking at adding it to the mix, however, there is always a risk to this. Chain may be made up of hundreds of small solder joins and therefore can add impurities to the mix. I try to avoid this by adding at least 50% of solid new or old gold that has no solder in it whatsoever. 

If you have a collection of gems, jewellery or bits and pieces that you would like to have remade into other items, then contact me today!