Pin Design #6 is Here!

Pin Design #6 is Here!

The final Pin Design is Here!

It has been 6 weeks and six designs, but the final pin design is here for the reveal! 
Yes! The winner is....The Superb Fairy Wren! The most popular design from the Bird On A Wire collection will now be available as a lapel pin! Just a little enhancement needed to create a fuller design! 
The final installment of designs will be arriving soon - in the flesh! 



Christmas Card Designs

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on a number of paintings that I want to turn into cards for Christmas. I have had the idea of doing Australian native birds as saints for quite a while, and a few years back, painted a range of cards for family in the USA with Santa hats! 
This year I will putting together 6 designs and selling them as a collection and individually, so that you can send off a bunch of cards overseas, to family interstate and pretty much anyone you like!! 
Here are a couple of pics that show some of the designs I am working on:


Saint Magpie


The Apostles


Saint Galah


Saint Wedgetail...(or Saint Wedgie as I like to call him!)



These cards will be available in the coming weeks on the website depending on production times. 


More from me soon!