Pin # 3 Revealed

Pin #3 Revealed 

Here it is! The third p[in design for the new Bird On A Wire Collection. This bird is one of the most popular birds in the world, ranking 3rd most popular domesticated pet!! They are colourful, showing up in dominant colours of blue and greens, with varieties being bred in other colours becoming popular. It is of course, the humble Budgie! 


I have had the honor of being owned by one of these birds. The are playful and enjoy human company, and if you have ever had one allow you into their little hearts, they can be the best mate you could ever hope for.

Branden calls me Snow White after rescuing one that had escaped the confines of its owner and decided to fly into our yard whilst I was sitting on the back step and it landed on my foot! Clearly a little distressed, hot and thirsty, I gave it some water. It proceeded to come up onto my shoulder and I had a friend for the time he was with us. Unfortunately, being the master of escaping, he was only with us for a year. So this pin is in honor of George! 



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