New Designs Arriving March

New Designs Arriving March

With the Chinese New Year over for another year, I have started the process of designing and manufacturing once again. This year I plan on releasing up to 3 designs a month, so there is always something new for you to explore. I am hoping that I will be able to have at least 24 new designs this year to expand my range of birds from 14 designs to around 38. This does depend on  affordability however, but it is always good to have a goal! 
As the process of manufacturing takes roughly 6 weeks from approval of artwork to completed production, I am always designing and trying to get the arrival of items worked out so that each of the new design sets arrive each month. 
My first two designs for the year are ones that have been asked for time and time again, but I ran out of time last year to get them produced. So here they are! 
One of the most popular birds I have been asked to create has been the Gang Gang Cockatoo. This will be my first silver pin and earring set. Why silver? Well, it works with the design of the bird. This image has been drawn with yellow where the silver will be, so you will have to use your imagination on what it will look like when it actually arrives! 
It took me a while to think of how to create this beautiful bird. Difficult with feathers that resemble an 18th century head dress from Venice! I wanted it to be representative but not look bulky or wispy. A conundrum until I found the right image to make it work. I am super excited (as always) to get these in stock as soon as possible. 

Another popular request from last year has been the humble Cockatiel! Now I have a story for you on this one.

I once had a cockatiel when I was 8 or 9 that I called Moth. My father and I decided to buy another one to see if they would breed and well, in a short amount of time it seemed as though we had a whole aviary of cockatiels.

We rushed to find homes for them as soon as possible and separated Moth from her partner - so she could have a break from what seemed to be the constant throws of breeding! 


Let's just say that the poor girl needed a rest!


That was an eye opener for me, to see just how prolific birds can be in the right conditions! I have never tried to breed birds since and have not kept a bird for many years! 

So this little pin and earring design is to pay homage to my little Moth!


Both of these designs will be available in both lapel pins and earrings, although this time they will only be available in studs! I have also ordered two other designs to come as studs - but I will save that reveal for another blog!! 


These designs are due to arrive mid March and will be available for purchase soon! Stay tuned for any new offers!