New Collection Sneak Peek!

New Collection Sneak Peek!

I am so excited!

I have been designing a new range of works that explore a few ideas that I have for future collections. Once again, influenced by the art work of Japan, China and the orient. 

I have always been drawn to this style of artwork, whether I am painting, metalsmithing, drawing or creating a sculpture. I just LOVE it! 

So with all of that in mind, I wanted to show you a little bit of a peek at what I have been creating. Clearly, this is not the full image but just a hint.... until the real thing arrives and I can take proper photos and show you the full design! 


As you can see, these new pieces will incorporate colour in the form of Hard Enamel and will be gold plated for that extra bit of bling! Who doesn't love a bit of bling!?


I have only just placed the order - so patience has to be on my side in waiting for them to arrive! Once again, they will be limited to 25 pairs for each design and will take about 6 weeks for the full collection to be ready, sent and to arrive....



Why is it that the things you get most excited over you have to wait the longest for?!