😜Something Special!😜

😜Something Special!😜


As most of you are aware, there have been a number of delays with both Australia Post and international freight. This has had a huge trickle down effect with all supplies in Australia that are coming from overseas. 

Even with more people staying home and working on projects and creative endeavors, there has been a follow on effect of work restrictions that means there has been an increase in creative output and the inability to fulfill the jobs when things are outsourced for businesses. Most businesses are running on limited numbers of staff to be able to maintain their social distancing requirements. 

This has in fact affected the production work around the new collection that I was hoping to have out by the end of this month. In fact, it is the end of the month and I am still waiting to receive the final parts of my collection from the molding company to be able to complete the next steps in my own production. 

After creating a master wax, I send this off to have it molded professionally. One, I don't have the equipment to do it and two: the cost of creating these myself both in time and money is too great - when you can just have them professionally done!

So this has meant that any deadline I have for myself has been pushed out by a month at least. I am only now receiving some of the masters and molds so I can start to create new stock in time for Christmas..... But is that too late? 


The next step in my creative process is to start the casting process again. Wax injecting the molds and spru-ing them ready for investment and casting. This process usually take about a week in preparation. Then there is all the clean up to do before a product is ready for purchasing.... And you wonder why hand made items cost so much! There is a lot more that goes into this stuff than you realize! 


The good news is that while I go through the process of getting this altogether, I am offering a 20% discount across all products on the website! 


This will only be available to you for the next two weeks and will be applied to your cart when you type Something Special at check out! 


With the release of the new collection I will be taking pre-orders on new stock - updating the website over the next couple of weeks with the new products. More from me soon!


Take Care!