Commissions are a staple for any artist. I have been commissioned by many over the years, whether it is re-imagining old pieces into something new, creating trophies and medals, paintings and drawings, consulting with clients and bringing to life designs which are tailored to them is a key element to my practice.


This page is a listing of previous commissioned works and their stories. 


Octo Ring:This ring was commissioned several years ago with the brief "make the most fabulous piece that has left the studio". Made with a selection of semi-precious and precious gems, this is a two layered ring with a variety of gemstones in the bottom ring and diamonds set on top. Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Citrine and Diamonds....

 Remake Collection:

 Over the years I have been asked to remake old jewellery into something new. This is a collection of that. In all of these pieces I have used the clients old jewellery and gemstones, added some new materials and created something new. Whether it is an inheritance, lost pieces or divorce rings, recycling your old jewellery into something new is always a fun and cathartic process!

Wedding Ring Collection:

The only ring that this couple had were the central ladies ring with diamonds. This was a piece that needed to be protected so I created a design that gave the illusion of two extra bands while really only being one. The men's ring utilized a similar principle with a white gold inner band and the yellow gold outer band. 

Wedding Set:

This wedding set was one of the first commissions I did out of university. Blue Topaz in a tube setting held by 2 silver rings. Such a simple concept but extremely effective in showing off the gem! 

Remaining Gems:

Some clients who I have remade previous items for have come back to me requesting that I make them something else from the remaining gems they have. This setting is a great way of not only protecting the gems, but if the gems have any faults or flaws, you can cover them in this setting process. Minor chips and chunks that may be missing can be camouflaged, looking as though they are emerging out of the ring.



This ring demonstrates the opposite to having extra gems. It was made from the extra gold that the client had with a special gem that had been purchased years before. The gold came from family inheritance and was melted gown to create both the bezel and the shank for the man's wedding ring. A way of sharing the bride and grooms collective gold. 


A combination of remaking the gold and a new cast silver piece, while using the gems of the old gold ring to create something new. I am always trying to find the solution for clients on how we can use the existing pieces they have without necessarily breaking the budget, and this means looking at alternate materials other than just gold, gold, gold. Combining silver and gold can be a great alternative to any problem as silver is far more cost effective to use. 


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