Collector's Edition - Handmade

I am currently in the process of creating a range of bird inspired handmade earrings, pins and brooches as a part of my series. I have been making and teaching jewellery making for close to 2 decades. It is only recently, with the addition of my commercially produced range, that I feel inspired to start a new and create a range of works that will bring a cohesive look to my site. These will be limited edition works in sterling silver and precious metals, may include gemstones and will be hand carved or created by me. 
In the mean time, here are some images of some of the work produced either as commissioned works or small runs. I have done a series of works that have included recycling existing jewellery into new objects, reimagining them for clients into beautiful, wearable objects. Please contact me if you too would like to discuss a re-imagining of your old jewellery into something new!